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Jillian Rutledge has been in the presence of dolphins for over 20 years. Formerly a dolphin caregiver, she learned what true freedom is.  She joins with people from all over the world to commune with dolphins in the waters of the Bahamas and Hawaii. She assists people in their journey underwater to meet these sentient beings by guiding them thru their fears and limiting beliefs hold us in captivity. She is a professional freediver, yoga practioner, animal relations advisor, energyworker and breath coach.  Jillian enjoys collaborting with others to provide dynamic and holistic retreats.  

TBA 2023


Does the Spirit of the Orca call to the depths of your soul? Open a deep spiritual connection with the Puget Sound Orca whales. Orcas are the Apex Predators of the Seas. Open your heart, mind and soul to receive messages directly from the orcas. Spend time each day on the water in the presence of orcas, as well as dolphins, seals, sea lions and eagles.  Learn orca wisdom that you can apply to your life to live more in harmony and perfect balance. Receive Orca healing energy channeled for you. Meet new friends, like-minded orca lovers like yourself. Spend time in the spectacular San Juan Islands in a beautiful water view hotel surrounded and immersed in Orca presence for 3-5 days. ​

Are you ready to achieve Perfect Balance?

Bliss in Bimini Retreats 

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