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Why do I do what I do?  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​

I am living a life I love and loving the life I live. I am here to THRIVE.  I do this for myself, I do this for you, I do this for the world.  I believe that what we see in the world, what we wish for and dream of, all starts on the inside and ends up on the outside, all around us, as a reflection.  My primary job is to “Be the change we wish to see in the world.”-Ghandi


So why do I do what I do?  So you can too!



Personal Statement


One of my biggest curiosity is if I, along with all of humanity, will fully remember that we are nature –that we are all living, sharing and exchanging with everything on this planet. 


The fearful side of this, to its extreme is that we will remain in a constant state of feeling separated and abandoned and continue acting ignorant and superior, doing to and taking from the planet what we see fit.


When I stop being driven by this fear and instead pause to deeply listen to it, I understand that it is rooted in my instincts for survival and for humanity to survive.


However, I am not interested in living a life being driven by my fears so it’s my Love for living that I continually evolve this fear of surviving into the freedom of thriving on earth with abundance and peace.  


By exploring, first within myself, that we are integral participants in the animal kingdom, experiencing us as incredibly intelligent, creative and compassionate animals living in the circle of life, interdependent with every other aspect of nature. From this perspective, I am curious what inspired thoughts, words and actions will be formed.


I think we might be surprised and perhaps even a little relieved by our strength, our gentleness and our ability to be leaders….to be Earth Keepers.



I offer to you an opportunity of self-discovery, self care and adventure.  To join me in diving deeply within, exploring our limits, expanding ourselves.  


Why would you choose me to assist you?

When people ask me about my experiences they often exclaim 3 things: 1. that I have a fantastic life 2. that I am a “jill of all trades”.  3. that my journey has been one from the heart.


So along with being a lifelong learner from my own adventures, I am also a trained professional as a registered Animal Health Technologist, Animal Behaviorist, Energy & Body Work Practitioner, Yoga Practitioner, Animal Communicator, Professional Life Coach and Freediving Instructor.

Jillian's Bio


Connecting with nature in a deep and meaningful way has been a true desire of Jillian’s since she was a child. She believed she could “talk” with the animals. As she grew up, this desire matured into discovering ways to foster interspecies relationships, as she trusts this is one of the ways in which humans and the planet can flourish together. This led her to evolve as a Veterinary Technologist, Animal Behaviorist, Energy Worker, Yoga Practitioner, Life Coach, Underwater Photographer and Freediving Instructor with a focus on the connection between people and animals.


She is trained and experienced in the principles of Animal Health & Behavior, Solution Focused Coaching, Ashtanga & AcuYoga, Usui, Tibetan and Karuna Reiki, Bodytalk & AnimalTalk, Ancient Healing Techniques, Linking Awareness, Pranayama and Thai Yoga massage. She is a certified freediving instructor for Apnea Academy and can safely hold her breath for 5 minutes and dive to a depth of 40m. She is a public speaker, instructor and workshop leader on the subjects of Human-Animal Relations, Breath, Self Development, Freediving, Dolphins and Interspecies Communication. 


For 12 years she worked alongside dolphins as a trainer learning more from the dolphins than she could ever teach them. For the last three years, she has been working aboard a charter boat, taking people to swim with the wild dolphins of Bimini, Bahamas. As a dolphin guide, she assisted people to find their Ultimate Breath and be at ease in the water all while demonstrating respectful and cooperative ways to interact with the wild dolphins, facilitating a connection. She became an underwater photographer and it has been said that it’s obvious that the photos are captured with a view from her heart. It was here, she developed a skill in freediving, navigating beneath the sea on ONE BREATH.


This way of being in the ocean integrates all she has learned and brings her closer to the ocean, the animals and ultimately to herself. By combining 3 powerful and proven breathing philosophies and techniques from Yoga, Freediving and Dolphins, she is thrilled to bring a method that can work for anybody to improve their breathing.  When you improve your breathing you give yourself a gift of

Life Force.

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