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Freediving is not simply about how long you can hold your breath or how deep you can dive on a single inhale.

The true appeal of freediving is what you discover about yourself.


Freediving is the most natural and serene way to explore the depths of the oceans with minimal impact.


Find the courage, free yourself and explore new depths.


So let's dive right in!

Find the COURAGE

FREE yourself

EXPLORE new depths

What exactly is freediving? 


Breath hold diving has an ancient history in several cultures as a means to collect food, supplies, goods and 


In modern culture, freediving is a way to enjoy exploring the underwater world as well as human potential. 


Apnea or Freediving is what it is called today.  It is based upon a natural reflex all humans have called the marine mammal dive reflex (MMDR).  It allows us to adapt to going beneath the water calmly and efficiently all while holding our breath safely and comfortably.  Although all humans have a MMDR, we often need to remember these skills thru proper training. 


There are many schools around the world that have developed a standard of skills required to safely navigate underwater.   By participating in a freediving course not only do you learn these skills, you experience your unique ability to adapt to being underwater and further develop these skills with a qualified instructor.   The value of this is immeasurable.  

I invite you check out more information about freediving. 

There is one hardcore rule for truly enjoying freediving



Jillian is a certified freediving instructor for

Apnea Academy International & PADI Freediver

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