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Why the Dolphin?

I am committed to freedom, love and connection. The dolphin's nature inspires me to live this way and I am influenced by my perceptions of them.


I was an animal caregiver for over a decade and one of the biggest insights I came away with is the concept of my captivity…my fears and limiting beliefs that hold me back from my fullest potential, that keep me stuck, disconnected and contracted. These influence the way I see and experience the world. I have spent my life contemplating and transforming that which has held me in captivity, freeing myself.


Now, in celebration of freedom, love and connection, I join with people to swim with the dolphins of the Ocean. As a dolphin guide, I assist people to find their ultimate breath and be at ease in the water while demonstrating mindful, respectful and cooperative ways to interact with the wild dolphins, facilitating a connection.  It was here, I developed a skill in freediving, navigating beneath the sea on one breath.  This way of being in the ocean integrates all I have learned and brings me closer to the ocean, the animals and ultimately to myself.



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