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Breath Work

Our breath is the fastest, most effective way to RELAX, LET GO of the tension and become deeply CENTERED again amongst the stress and chaos. And no matter where you are, your breath is always with you. It is truly holistic and is your built in healing system. And it’s been right beneath your nose your whole life.  All the way from the physical thru to your spiritual self; breath work is complimentary to all other areas of

life whether it be relationships,

work, play, finances, self

development and health.



Breath Coaching


I will teach you breathing

techniques that can clear blockages,

increase flexibility, strengthen and

center you. These techniques will

assist you in managing stress and

disease as well as with your

evolution, ascension and change.

Each 1.5 hour session, I will be there to coach you through every breath.


Contact me for appointment times

Longer sessions are always a

possibility if needed.


The Ultimate Breath(C) Course

I have studied and practiced breathing with the dolphins and animals that are conscious of their breath.  I have combined this knowledge with the ancient practices of pranayama and the techniques of freediving, diving with one breath, to partner with you to create your Ultimate Breath.


By bringing together these 3 unprecedented, powerful and proven breathing 

philosophies and techniques, this class focuses directly on your breathing,

increasing your level of awareness.  These techniques will allow you to consciously breathe, opening the gateway to manage stress and disease as well as evolution, ascension and change.  


Participants will expand their capacity to breath by clearing blockages, increasing flexibility, strengthening and balancing and deeply connecting to discover their Ultimate Breath.  


This Workshop is:

  • Designed to help you relax

  • Become aware of your breath

  • Release the blocks that are stopping and stagnating your breathing

  • Increase breathing flexibility, efficienc and capacity

  • Consciously breathe to create health and wellbeing.


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