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Courage Coaching

Imagine you’re diving within and it’s the moment you realize that your fear is a powerful teacher and you rise to the surface on the outside of what you thought was your limits.  


Let’s get curious about your fears, shine some light on them and see what’s stopping you from being, having and doing all that you desire.  Then the real fun comes when we transform

and shift these limitations into your

full potential, standing in your power,

feeling confident and free. 

Imagine flowing thru life with ease

and grace and when an obstacle

comes along you reach into your tool

box and solve it. Sounds lovely...

and it’s not always this way. 

That’s where I can help. 



As a professional solution-focused

coach, I am committed to helping you discover what's really important to you in your life, partnering with you to design a plan to achieve those things.  We will work to eliminate what's stopping or blocking your way, hold you accountable to your word and celebrate your successes!



Each 1 -1.5 hour session is:

- Designed by you with my guidance.
- Completed via online using Zoom application


Customized Courage Coaching packages available.

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