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The Ultimate Breath Class

Our breath is the fastest, most effective way to RELAX, LET GO of the tension and become deeply CENTERED again amongst the stress and chaos. And no matter where you are, your breath is always with you. It is truly holistic and is your built in healing system. And it’s been right beneath your nose your whole life.By bringing together 3 unprecedented, powerful and proven breathing philosophies and techniques, this class focuses directly on your breathing, increasing your level of awareness that will allow you to consciously breathe, opening the gateway to manage stress and disease as well as evolution, ascension and change. All the way from the physical thru to your spiritual self.Participants will expand their capacity to breath by clearing blockages, increasing flexibility, strengthening and balancing and deeply connecting to discover their Ultimate Breath. Give yourself the nourishment and vital energy you require.


This class brings together 3 powerful and proven breathing philosophies and simple techniques to allow you to breathe to your full capacity. Participants will clear blocks, strengthen, balance and expand the breath to relax, manage stress & anxiety, increase vital energy and ultimately improve your health & wellbeing for rest of their life.  Classes and workshops are held at various locations around the world.

Animal Presence
Part 1: Creating Connections

Have you ever wondered what the animals are really saying?  Imagine if you could truly know your pet’s likes, dislikes and what they need to live their best life!  This is a chance for you to reconnect with your own intuitive abilities and truly understand what they are saying.  In a fun and informative 1 day workshop, learn the basic communication techniques that allow us to understand and connect with the animals in our lives.  Be proactive and participate in your animal’s health and wellbeing.  Be proactive with healing touch and “pet gems”. Discover the gifts our animals bring to our lives and how we can give back to them.

8 hour course


Part 2: A rEVOLution

You have been given a great responsibility.  To care for and connect with another living being is an honor and a privilege. Get a little closer, don’t be shy!  .  After mastering The Basics in Module 1, using your intuition to communicate with animals, the challenge is to connect with your own animal companions.  This is can be tricky as they often mirror the most powerful life lessons that allow us to become self-aware of our behavior, attitudes, health and more.  Enhance your communication abilities; understand their health and wellbeing by gathering all the important details, getting to the root of the cause and creating insightful solutions for permanent change and healing for them AND you.  This 1 day workshop is packed full of tips, insights, exercises and tender moments that will deepen your understanding and foster all the relationships in your life. 

7 hours course



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