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the H20 Experience
Freediving Course

Another great way that I can assist you in breaking free from the contraints  of your life, your beliefs and your fears is during your H2O Experience.  Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself!  In these sessions I combine the theoretical and technical teachings of Freediving and Courage Coaching so that you can find the Courage, free Yourself and Explore new depths within yourself and in the water.    


So let's dive right in!

What is freediving? 

It’s exactly as it sounds…diving.
Diving within,
             diving into,
                       diving down,
ascending into yourself,
into the water. 
Free…freedom…free from fear,
restrictions, separation, and


Freediving is not simply about how
long you can hold your breath or
how deep you can dive on a single
The true appeal of freediving is what you discover about yourself.


Freediving is the most natural and serene way to explore the depths of the oceans with minimal impact.

Find the courage, free yourself and explore new depths. 


Private and group lessons available, contact me for rates.


Jillian is a certified as a freediving instructor thru the prestigious school

Apnea Academy International


Find the COURAGE

EXPLORE new depths


Course Info

Apnea Academy learning course’s mission is to provide step by step support to every person interested in discovering the underwater free diving. Starting from the first approach to free diving with the Apnea Discovery course (this course differs from a standard snorkelling course, covering techniques of relaxation and breathing which are now included in the courses of modern free-diving), to the highest level of the program, the Instructor’s course, Apnea Academy helps, at every stage, to identify one’s limits to dive safely underwater still maintaining the unsurpassed feeling provided by free-diving.  Only the most motivated and competent people have been selected by Apnea Academy as instructors to provide superior know how and experience to beginners.



Each course consist of theoretical lessons, swimming pool training, relaxation and breathing techniques and open water tests.
Once the course is completed and subject to the favourable evaluation from the instructor, an Apnea Academy Award will be issued to the student.


Apnea Academy Stage is an intensive training course which length and intensity will vary from time to time. The stage will include sea dives both on constant and variable weight, static and dynamic tests in the pool, breathing and relaxation techniques and theoretical lessons. Every student can attend this stage.


Apnea Discovery
Apnea Discovery is addressed to whoever wants to test the underwater free-diving with minimum equipment, still learning relaxation and breathing techniques and to “look inside himself” searching for the wellness provided by free diving and to discover , in harmony with the environment, the marvellous underwater world, made of lights and colours no elsewhere found.


Indoor Freediving

'Indoor freediver' is the first course that AA is fully developed in the pool. 
The goal is to let the student discover the good feelings that only apnea can give with a correct management of breathing and relaxation. No performance end in itself but also development of sensitivity in water, by listening to your body, to rediscover the pleasure to dissolve in the liquid that surrounds and become one with the water.


Level 1
Apnea Academy First Level represents the first approach to free-diving with a complete basic equipment. The objective of the course is to reach controlled free-diving by applying relaxation and breething techniques in order to reach following performances: 1’15” static apnea, 25 m in dynamic and 8 m in dept.


Level 2
Apnea Academy Second Level is to improve the relaxation and breathing techniques by taking advantage of the experience acquired in the first level in order to reach following performances: 2’30” in static, 50 m dynamic and 15 m depth.
Level 3
Apnea Academy Third Level is the highest award for a free diver. By a improvement of its ability to operate in the water, mental and technical training , the free diver will be able to reach 3’ static, 70 m dynamic and 25 m depth.
Freediving Instruction combined with Wild dolphin Adventure Trips. 
Basic freediving is included in every trip to help increase your level of comfort in the water and allow you more intimate encounters. And if you are wanting a full on freediving instruction course combined with a wild dolphin adventure see upcoming trips.


Go to Apnea Academy Website


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