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Wild Dolphin Guide & Retreat Coordinator

Vacation, relax, time for yourself, opportunity to contemplate your life. 

When a dolphin looks deeply and unconditionally into our eyes something happens that many describe as transformational and to rise to the surface with a dolphin at your side is a feeling of bliss. 


Your Guide: Jillian Rutledge has been

in the presence of dolphins for over

17 years. Formerly a dolphin

trainer, she learned what true

freedom is and now joins with

people from all over the world to

commune in their journey

underwater to meet these sentient

beings by guiding them through

their fears and limiting

beliefs that hold us in captivity. She

is a professional freediver, yoga

practioner, animal relations advisor, 
energyworker and breath coach.



There are 2 magical and beautiful locations to choose from

   Bimini, Bahamas                                  Big Island, Hawaii











Join a trip or host your own.  Contact Jillian to discuss your trip ideas.  Cost of Jillian's services as a Wild Dolphin Guide or Retreat Coordinator are tailored to your specific needs.

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Wild Dolphin Swims, Yoga,

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