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Humans to do some pretty interesting things when fearful.

Fear is often seen as a “bad” word and therefore we should be fearless, have no fear or to conquer our fears.  I think having a healthy fear of immediate danger is healthy.  However, if your fear is causing a “fight or flight” reaction in situations where there might be more creative options it might have you feeling... 











So to support you to free yourself from the limitations of fear and propel yourself forward into the world, I offer a number of different services that you can thoughtfully craft into a plan that works for you.




      STUCK          OVERWHELMED              Exhausted                   UNFULFILLED           Confused            STRUGGLING                           Sick          ALONE           Against              SCARED


Ever feel like this? 

The Ultimate BreathTM

A full deep breath is the fastest, most effective way to relax, let go of the tension and become centered again.  And no matter where you are, your breath is always with you.   It is the only completely proven, truly holistic modality and it's your built in healing system.  And it’s been right beneath your nose your whole life...see more


I am breathing

Animal Presence Courses

Recognizing the spirit in all living beings, their presence.  It is creating a connection and enhancing our relationship with animal using all forms of language, ending the illusion of our separation from nature.  All that is needed is a willingness to take a step out of the ordinary world and step into an extraordinary world!...see more


I am uniting

The H2O Experience ~ Freediving Course

One of the best and most fun ways to break free from the constraints of your life, your beliefs and your fears to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Diving within, diving into, diving down, ascending into yourself, into the water. Free…freedom…free from fear, restrictions, separation, and limitation.  Freediving is not simply about how long you can hold your breath or ...see more


I am diving in

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