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Fearful humans are interesting creatures.

Fear is often seen as a “bad” word and therefore we should be fearless, have no fear, free from fear or conquer our fears.  I think having a fear of immediate danger is healthy.  However, if your fear is causing a “fight, flight, freeze” reaction in situations where there might be more creative options it might have you feeling... 








So to support you to free yourself from the limitations of fear and propel yourself forward into the world, I offer a number of different sessions and courses that you can thoughtfully craft into a plan that works for you.


      STUCK          OVERWHELMED              Exhausted                   UNFULFILLED           Confused            STRUGGLING                           Sick          ALONE           Against              SCARED


I am feeling

MindBodySpirit Sessions
This session is on average 1.5 hours and is designed to help you relax, release and establish energetic flow again. Each session is tailored to what you intend and need and can involve a combination of breath work, biofeedback, thai yoga massage, yoga, energywork and coaching...see more 



Courage Coaching
As a professional solution-focused coach I am committed to helping you get curious about your fears, discover what's really important to you in your life and partner with you to design a plan to achieve your dreams.  Sessions available for 1 or 1.5 hours in person, on the phone or internet (ex. Skype).  Coaching packages also available...see more 



I am listening

Breath Coaching

A full deep breath is the fastest, most effective way to relax, let go of tension and become centered again.  I will teach you breathing techniques that can clear blockages, increase flexibility, strengthen and center you.  These techniques will assist you in managing stress and disease as well as with your evolution, ascension and change.  Each 1.5 hour session, I will be there to coach you through each breath...see more


I am breathing

Animal Relations Consulting

Recognizing the spirit in all living beings, I can assist you in creating closer connection with your animals and their needs. A session can include handling animal behaviour issues, energetic healing on your animal, providing you with guidance to improve the health and wellbeing of your animals and the tools to enhance your relationship with them...see more


I am uniting


I am discovering

Wild Dolphin Guide & Retreat Coordinator

Vacation...relax...time for yourself...opportunity to contemplate your life. 

When a dolphin looks deeply and unconditionally into our eyes something happens that many describe as transformational and to rise to the surface with a dolphin at your side is a feeling of bliss.  Jillian feels that bringing people to be in the presence of dolphins is one of the greatest gifts she can give...see more

Adventure Photographer
Today we have cameras available to us all the time, mobile devices and mini cameras, but you are usually the one behind the lens.  What about the moments that you want to capture with you in the picture or you want assistance taking pictures of underwater life on your trip or for a project.  It would be my pleasure to join you on your adventure with my camera in hand...see more



I am experiencing

The Ultimate Breath(c)

Available as a 2 day Intensive or a 6 week Workshop, the Ultimate Breath(c) brings together 3 unprecendented, powerful and proven breathing philosophies and techniques.  The courses are designed to help you relax, become aware of your breath, release the blocks that are stopping and stagnating your breathing, increase breathing flexibility and consciously breath to create health and wellbeing...see more


I am breathing

Animal Presence Courses

This two part course will provide you with communication techniques to get closer to your animals, creating a deeper connection with them and yourself. They often mirror the most powerful life lessons that allow us to become self-aware of our behaviors, attitudes, health and more. ...see more


I am uniting


The H2O Experience ~ Freediving Course

Another great way that I can assist you in breaking free from the contraints of your life, your beliefs and your fears is during your H2O Experience. Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself!  In these sessions/courses I combine the theoretical and technical teachings of Freediving with Courage Coaching so that you can find the Courage, free Yourself and Explore new depths within yourself and in the water...see more


I am diving in

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